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goddess appreciation
t -shirt 


Goddess Appreciation T-shirt 

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To be a black woman in America is one of the challenging realities to live. The underappreciation and mistreatment of black women are profoundly embedded within The United States social hierarchy and reinforced through systemic racism. Our influence is on every corner of American culture and history. Black women have organized communities, led social justice movements, nurtured families, and redefined arts and sciences. Simply put, many trends would not exist without the black influence, as we are one of the main inspirations for creativity. Despite being devoted champions of justice and the blueprint of culture, black women seldom get the care, support, or

respect they deserve.

The personal, historical, cultural, and societal expectation that has been placed upon black women and even celebrated is that she is strong enough to bear it all. Constantly being seen as resilient, fierce, and powerful, but never allowed to be human, vulnerable, gentle, and tender to themselves. Blackness is not an aesthetic or a trend.

The black experience is a rich and diverse culture with a long history; that has been robbed and used; to heavily influence mainstream culture. It can be a tireless effort to survive, thrive, care for yourself, attend to family, and maintain communities. True freedom comes when an individual is free to be their authentic self, understanding that

others in the group will treat them with fairness and equity; and having your needs met without a struggle.


Black women forged our path to the present and continue leading us into the future. We stand with Black women; to celebrate you, your history, achievements, and health. KRUSH created the Goddess Collections; as a celebration of black women; to show appreciation for your efforts and remind you that it's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority; it's necessary.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Screenprinted design at front

  • Made in the USA

  • Unisex crewneck tee


Width 18"
Length 28"
Chest 36"

Width 20"
Length 29"
Chest 40"

Width 22"
Length 30"
Chest 44"

Width 24"
Length 31"
Chest 48"

29.99 Click to Buy
29.99 Click to Buy
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