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KRUSH Wholesale

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Our mission is to help you elevate and grow your business.

Here at KRUSH, we successfully set ourselves apart from our competitors not just by offering unique, high-quality organic products; but by offering an unmatched personalized customer care experience.  We work with numerous growers, ingredient manufacturers and science professionals  around the country to ensure that only the most premium ingredients are used in our products and sold to our consumers. 

For a full company overview visit us here.

Why choose KRUSH?  5 Reasons!

1 ) We care.  The most important part of our journey is operating from the heart, providing you with the tools and know how to improve your wellness and for those whom you love.

2) Personalized concierge level service. More than just a concierge service, our mission is to enhance our members' day-to-day lives in a healthy and educational fashion. From cosmetic care, nutrition, fitness, weight management – the options are limitless. 


3)  We are REAL humans.  In the world of tech and social distance, our approach is simplistic yet personal and our products are designed for those who are always on the go but seek a healthy alternative to well-being. The impact of human interaction will never fade away despite human advances,  so we choose to connect on an organic and grassroots level to provide you with the best experience possible. 


4)  It's EASY! Our Health + Wellness programs are designed for maximum ease and comfort.  We do most of the work and you enjoy the benefits of not having to complete R&D, trial and error, prep, shop, juice, blend, cook and clean. Our commitment is to providing quality over quantity, our passion is in helping you achieve set goals.

5) Long-term benefits.  Many of our customers are those who  have experienced pain, discomfort, or those who wish to reduce stress levels and/or maintain personal health and well-being.  Our products are always fresh, no added preservatives, artificial flavoring, dyes,etc.

Production capabilities

Manufacturing of:

Tinctures (10 options )

Salves   ( 7 options )

Relief Creams  ( 4 blends )

Lotion  ( 3 versions )

Massage Oil  (3 scents )

Bath Bombs  (8 scents )

Bath Steamers  ( 8 scents )

Bath Salts    (10 scents )

Body Butters   ( 8 scents )

Hand Crafted Soaps. ( 6 scents )

Sugar Scrubs ( 6 Scents )

Bath Tea ( 12 Blends )

Infused Honey ( 4 Blends )

Herbal Tea ( 12 Blends )

Infused Bubble Bath

Full Adult Collection - ( 3 complete sets )

Gummies - Over 1 million in stock


Infused Desserts

CBD Flower


Crude Oil

Distillate of all types 

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Let's work together

We enjoy the collaboration process and look forward to working with you!  Our catalogs are available via our sales team, be sure to contact your rep or email us at: via phone  303.214.5340 

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