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Your Brand Deserves A Luxury Case

LuxePak - Travel / Stash Box

The StashPak is a “MUST HAVE”. Compact and lightweight, our stash box is better than a soft-sided case with a zipper! No more flower, lotions, potions, or tinctures breaking, leaking, getting smashed, or blowing up!  


The StashPak is a sturdy, hard-shell, waterproof, lockable case. StashPak accommodates a carabiner for the outdoor enthusiast to take hiking, camping, road-tripping, etc. Or, use our TSA lock to create a child-safety feature or ensure security when you travel. Yes, it’s TSA compliant!


StashPak includes 2 flexible storage nets. It allows easy access to your choice of prepared goodies or travel-size products. 


The StashPak is 6” x 6” x 3.25”d. It’s a stash box small enough to fit in a suitcase, backpack, briefcase, or handbag. Not only is the StashPak versatile and easily repurposed, but it’s also a rugged convenient case able to withstand 220 lbs. 


The pinned hinges and sturdy closing mechanisms add to the quality of our stash box. Get the smell-proof protection you want with our rubber gasket seal. This stash box is a bit bougie with a colorful, unique design on the case that creates a skid-proof feature.


The StashPak is an awesome gift and is suitable to accompany you on every journey. There’s nothing like it on the market!


Think inside the box…Use your imagination!

Availability: 9000 units .

For additional Information, contact : Chase Turner  | |  917.640.2330

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