KRUSH Herbal Blend -- Detox

KRUSH Herbal Blend -- Detox

KRUSH Tea Blends


Herbal teas have been used for centuries to help alleviate health issues. KRUSH Wellness Blends can help amend and restore your sense of well being. We carefully blended selections of organic flowers, fruits, and herbs to support you throughout your holistic journey. Everyone needs a little self-care now and then. KRUSH Wellness Blends are the perfect solution and make great gifts as well!


Detox Tea

When you need a Body Cleanse and a Detox! KRUSH Detox Blend helps to boost your metabolism and flush out all the toxins built up in your body.

Our specially formulated tea blends are packed with herbs that help improve energy, soothe anxiety symptoms, and assist with deep and restful sleep.


1 cup serving = 1-11⁄2 tsp


Small  (4oz ) 114g | 45 Cups
Regular  (8oz) 227g | 90 Cups
Large  (16oz) 453g | 180 Cups


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