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KRUSH Pre Rolls

Keep Calm
THCA Infused Pre Roll

Designed to aid in relaxation without the harmful effects of nicotine or pharmaceuticals. For those moments when the mind is working overtime, reset and release anxiety with Keep Calm.

THCA x CBG Infused Pre Roll

A well-rounded brain tonic, created to provide mood-boosting focused energy, reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and inspire creativity. Rekindle the fire in your ability to create with passion.

Vivid Dreams
THCA Infused Pre Roll

Specially crafted to provide a unique metaphysical experience; for those exploring deep levels of self-consciousness, seeking aid to enhance pineal gland activity, astral projection, or lucid dreaming.

Goddess Love Potion
THCA Infused Pre Roll 

Mindfully crafted for women, this erotic blend supports sexual wellbeing, stimulates libido, nourishes sexuality, inspires sensuality, desire, and pleasure.​

Sensual Seduction
THCA Infused Pre Roll

Spice it up! The date night must have to unwind with your special someone. This blend will awaken all your senses. An organic solution made to boost libido, improve blood flow & sexual functioning, and enhance pleasure.


This tranquil combination can help calm nerves; by assisting the body into a relaxed state, to prepare for a full night's sleep.

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