Welcome to the KRUSH Liquidation Sale page.  Listed below are our wholesale lots that we have available for bulk sales.  If you have any question regarding any product(s) feel free to reach out to:




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Liquidation Lot 1

1 Gram 510 Thread Carts " Monster Cart " insignia . .










1 gram Vape Carts ( White ) Ceramic available. There are a total of 2400 units available - perfect for those who celebrate Halloween, easy to create a theme with these carts.​.



Whole Lot price: DM for details

1- 799 pieces: 1.00 each

800 - 2400: .75 each

Units are located in Denver, CO

Product Features:

1. Top-side fill, friendly to both hand-filling and machine-filling

2. Ceramic heating element, which is found to be a less harmful alternative to wick heating elements. The ceramic coil mitigates the burn after-taste, and ensures a better smoking experience

3. Bottom 5 oil hole design,Without Oil Residuals

4. Packaging:plastic tube packaging

5. Seal protection, No leak and no smell.


Liquidation Lot 2


1 Gram Glass Mouth Vape Carts 









1 gram Vape Carts ( White ) Ceramic available. There are a total of 4400 units available. 

A better vaping experience begins with the technology used in the cartridge. Our premium empty cartridges feature ceramic cell atomizers, increasing vapor production and flavor from your oil. All of our cartridges are lab tested for heavy metals and are guaranteed leakproof when used properly. 

  • Tank Capacity: 1.0ml

  • Tank Material: Glass

  • Intake Holes: 1.6mm 

  • Base Threading: 510

  • Resistance: 1.2 - 1.4ohms

  • Mouthpiece: Round Glass | Screw On 

  • Use With: Thick Viscosity Oil


Whole Lot price: DM for details

1-799 pieces: 1.00 each

800 - 4400: .75 each


Liquidation Lot 3

LuxePak - Travel / Stash Box

Customizable gift / stash boxes available at rock bottom prices. Super easy to transform into a luxury item for your brand, if you need help - we provide ideas and assistance as well.

Blue and Black 
Black and White 
Grey and Black 
Pink and Black 

Additional Info:
Introducing LuxePak’s NEW StashPak. Better than a soft-sided bag with a zipper! Make sure the important products are protected. No more lotions, potions, and tinctures breaking, leaking, or blowing up!

The LuxePak is a sturdy, hard-shell, water resistant case and is a safe place to pack your tinctures, oils, gummies, and other goodies. You can organize, prioritize, and have easy access to all your favorites.

Luxepak is small enough to fit in a carry-on, suitcase, backpack, briefcase, or handbag. Not only is the LP versatile and easily repurposed for other uses, it's also a rugged toiletry case able to withstand 220 lbs.

Yes, LuxePak is TSA compliant, a designed to keep your essentials at your fingertips.

7.00 each low MOQ
5.00 each for 500 or more

In stock now - no wait times. Available for pick up in Denver + a small lot in Las Vegas as well.


Liquidation Lot 4


StashPak is a sturdy, hard-shell, weatherproof, odor proof, lockable case and is a safe place to pack your goodies. Yes, StashPak is TSA compliant (strictly CBD...for now).


We brand our sustainable, reusable case with your company logo to give you a long-lasting advertising opportunity. We can also customize the interior with laser-cut foam for packaged promotions.


StashPak is an affordable, multi-use promotional tool. It's available in five (5) different colors.

A bit bougie, our brand offers a cool, unique design on the case that creates a skid-proof feature. The closing mechanisms and pinned hinges add to the quality. Provide your customers with a rugged (capable of withstanding up to 220 lbs),    6” x 6” x 3”d lightweight lockable case. The loop can accommodate a carabiner for easy attachment to a backpack, golf bag, etc. Or, add a lock for child safety.


StashPak - Undercover on the outside... Special goodies on the inside!

15.00 each without lock ( Bulk no labeling )

20.00 with Your Company logo ( 1-2 week turnaround) Minimum 50


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