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KRUSH is a lifestyle brand dedicated to shifting the social norms, of what health and wellness should look like. As active advocates for the hemp and cannabis cultures, we are determined to end stigmas associated with cannabis use forever.

KRUSH thrives by spreading the word about the beneficial properties of hemp and holistic alternatives for increasing vitality. We believe that building strong relationships within the industry is vital to our success and ultimate goal; which is to help others live their best life!

KRUSH INtroduction




Ethans Edibles


Culture KRUSH



Ethans Edibles sought to show how CBD infused in ordinary foods and drinks can transform the way that we view self-care and the care of those whom we love.

KRUSH’s introduction to the premium hemp flower market began in March 2020. We provided thousands of pounds of Hemp from some of the most sought after farmers in the market. For selective clients we offered comprehensive solutions with the mission to assist business owners to streamline production.

Our creative edge was showcased in our early onset, with the release of our catalog, featuring over 100 products, some of which the market had not had the chance to experience.


In March 2021, we opened our 2200 sq ft brick and mortar retail store in Denver, CO's Arts District. May of the same year, acquired Gummy depositors to create and keep a daily stock of over 250k gummies daily. 

Winter of  2021, we finalized our plans for a transition into the Las Vegas market beginning in 2022. 

At the close of 2022, we had created 206 SKU's- 95% of which are created in house.

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