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Wholesale Flower

Select wholesale hemp flower from our ever changing stock.  Save money and time with KRUSH!

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Herbal Tea Blends

Unique, holistic and unmistakably KRUSH.  Our Herbal Tea blends offer a variety of benefits, helping your business transition into the health and wellness arena.

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Bath and Body

We craft and manufacture all of our bath and body products in-house so we're able to offer an extensive selection of white label options, to enhance your customer experience and grow your business. 

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Extractions + Concentrates

KRUSH Premium Broad and Full Spectrum Concentrates offer the purest forms of CBD, with fast-acting results.

Our concentrates are derived from the hemp plant and processed to
keep only the most desirable plant compounds, including
cannabinoids and terpenes; while removing excess plant material and other impurities.

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