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Tea Set

KRUSH Wellness Tea Blends

Herbal teas have been used for centuries to help alleviate health issues. KRUSH Wellness Blends can help amend and restore your sense of well being.


We carefully blended selections of organic flowers, fruits, and herbs to support you throughout your holistic journey. Everyone needs a little self-care now and then. KRUSH Wellness Blends are the perfect solution and make great gifts as well!

KRUSH TEa options

detox solo.jpg

krush detox blend

FEM 1.jpg

Feminine Balance Blend

nic detox solo.jpg

krush Nicotine detox blend

Immunity solo.jpg

krush Immunity Tea blend

rise and shine solo 2.jpg

krush Rise and shine blend

SIN tea 2x2 label 2.jpg

krush S.I.N Tea blend

Nursing mama 2x2 label 2.jpg
Goodnight Tea 2x2 label.jpg

krush Nursing Mama blend

krush Goodnight blend

Hangover helper 2x2 label 2.jpg

krush hangover helper blend

goddess potion 2x2 label 2.jpg

krush goddess love potion blend

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Tranquility Tea 2x2 label.jpg
Aphroteasiac 2x2 label 2.jpg
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