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KRUSH is a lifestyle brand dedicated to shifting the social norms, of what health and wellness should look like. As active advocates for cannabis culture, we're determined to end stigmas associated with cannabis use forever.

Society is struggling to separate the cannabis plant from the ingrained ideas of previous generations, so we educate consumers; and showcase simple ways, to incorporate cannabis into daily routines. KRUSH seeks to pioneer the movement, for making health cool, sexy, and enjoyable again. Our mission is to inspire, unite, and nourish our world.

 KRUSH thrives by spreading the word about the beneficial properties of hemp and holistic alternatives for increasing vitality. We believe that building strong relationships within the industry is vital to our success and ultimate goal; which is to help others live their best life!

We also offer wholesale Hemp solutions to growers and B2B clients worldwide. Our team believes in making impactful connections, establishing trust, and most importantly, creating partnerships, that are mutually beneficial and profitable. It is our personalized approach and transparency that truly sets us apart in the industry. With this philosophy, we can stand behind what we sell and avoid costly mistakes and delays.


COVID 19 Prepardness

Stay healthy during challenging times.

We have made the following additions to our list of services to help navigate the impact of the pandemic. Unless otherwise noted, we will remain open through any and all phases of proposed shutdowns.

Delivery Services

We will begin delivery in Denver, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas and select locations in Omaha, NE.

Immunity Care

KRUSH has a full line of herbal tea blends to help boost your immunity, vitality and help to bring calm to a very uncertain time.


Check out the full line here.

Wholesale Supply

Contact us to find out how our new hubs can help your business to thrive.



At KRUSH, we overstand how vital it is for women to have a healthy feminine care and immunity support routine. KRUSH Feminine Care products are packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep your sacred womb clean, fresh, and healthy.


Prepare ahead of time with our all natural Immune and Vitality Boost Sets. Our packages are jam packed with immune-boosting vitamins and herbs; for supporting a healthy immune system and cold; flu remedies.


KRUSH has created programs designed especially for me to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our clients receive personalized care, to achieve optimal level health and wellness.


KRUSH  partnerships are straight-forward, easy to understand, and efficient so that you may hit
the ground running. We offer a full line of high end hemp flower, a line of gift and self
care boxes are available with a white label option, inclusive of high quality products crafted with care. Each KRUSH agreement is created uniquely, giving added value to your brand.

Essential Oils

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